Drill bit run

The benefits of drill bit run service provided by Drilling Technologies :

Our specialists are well-grounded in advanced drilling technologies and experienced in selection or the range of bits and specific design. Group of Drilling Technologies experts works closely with Customers team and generates ideas in the process of drilling optimization.

Our experts are divided into groups:

Manufacture and Logistics
While working upon the project groups closely and constantly intercommunicate for the purposes of problems solving .

Technique and Technology
These specialists are engaged in selection of appropriate types of bits and bit run mode based on input data of geophysics, condition of drilling equipment applying the complex of software packages .

Manufacture and Logistics  
These experts deal with issues related to production process execution, daily monitoring and logistics.
At the beginning of the particular works the main points are evaluation of technical data, work schedules and plans, zone conditions and traffic diagrams.

Our staff consists of highly qualified specialists.
Company has developed a specialized training program to secure the skills upgrading for the staff. The mandatory part of the program is on-job-training.
All our emolyees are certified in HSE