About the Company

Well drilling is an exclusive method of development, production increase and oil and gas extension in Russia. All drilling methods rotary, turbine and downhole electric motor drilling suppose the rotation of rock cutting tool the drill bit.

LLC Drilling Technologies was founded as a service company providing drilling bit run service in 2005. Nowadays the enterprise successfully operates in the drilling services market. It is currently located in urban communities Sukhodol, Samara region (100 km from Samara).
The companys scope of activities:
Drilling Technologies applies both tri-cone bits and own-produced PDC bits and the bits manufactured by the trade leaders.

The company started the manufacture of PDC bits (type BT) in 2012. For this pupose the up-to-date foreign made equipment was purchased. PDC bits produced by our company have already been tested in Samara, Orenburg, Volgograd, Perm regions and the Republic of Tatarstan where we successfully reached high drilling speed per run and high ROP.

Using TIX-TSK tri-cone bits since 2010 in Samara, Orenburg, Saratov, Volgograd regions and the Republics of Tatarstan and Udmurtia we increased ROP and drilling speed per run by 10-15%. The company is an official representative of TIX-TSK (Japan) in Russia with the right to distribute. Qualified specialists directly controls drilling mode and bit run at the drill sites according to approved drill bit program, as well as directional and horizontal wells path, PDM motors and core drilling services.

Engineering support and right selection of types of bits meeting to particular stratigraphic section, calculation of drilling hydraulic guarantees for our customers less number of trips, high ROP, trouble-free service and reduction of well construction time eventually.

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Our Customers

In Samara region:
  • CJSC Samara-Nafta
  • CJSCSANECO (NK Alliance)
  • OJSC Samaraneftegaz

In Volgograd region:
  • LLC JV Volgodeminoil
  • LLC Drilling Company Eurasia, Nizhnevolzhsky branch

In Saratov region:
  • LLC Diall Aliance
  • LLC Yershovneft
  • LLC LukBelOil

In Orenburg region:
  • CJSCGazpromNet Orenburg (Public Company Gazprom)
  • CJSCOrenburgburneft
  • CJSCOrenburgsky Drilling Company

In Republic of Tatarstan:
  • LLCTatneft-LeninogorskRemService
  • LLCBureniye (Management company Tatburneft)

In Republic of Udmurtiya:
  • CJSC Udmurtneft-Burenie ( NK Rosneft)
  • LLC Drilling Systems