Core drilling

Core is a sample of rock, cylinder shaped, recovered from the well by the core drilling. Core is a key material enables to survey the subsurface geology of the well. It is a main source of information about rocks characteristics providing the direct visual examination thereof. Core is used to determine the relative and absolute ages of formations, material composition, lithologic, physical, physicochemical and other characteristics of formations at all exploration and development stages.

Core recovery is a complicated working process which can result in intangible drilling costs in case of any failure, and so the job can be only entrusted to the professionals.

LLC Drilling Technologies provides core drilling service. Company applies its own coring tools DBS made by foreign manufacturers for different well sizes. To secure the safe performance of tools the company regularly upgrades its equipment. At the request of the customer we can retain the core up to 27 m for one advancing in vertical, directional and horizontal wells. The diameters of core borings recovered to the surface are 101, 6 mm; 100mm; 80mm; 67mm and 52mm. Average core recovery is 90-97%

Core drilling service covers: