PDM motors service

The type of drive unit is an important factor affecting the ROP. It can be rotary drilling or performance drilling using various types of PDM.

We provide PDM service using both our own motors and leased motors. Such service secures the optimum performance of rock cutting tools and cost advantages. It is available because of the optimum drilling mode selection and inplementation of up-to-date BHA.

We can supply any types and sizes of PDM motors within the range 54mm - 240 mm. (2 1/4" - 9 1/2"). All motors are equipped with accessories (back valves and bypass valves, subs, centralizers) and as applicable with controllers of angle.

We apply the PDMs working pairs produced by the leading foreign and national manufacturers and acheave high operating performance.

Engineering services include:

Engineering service supposes the direct involvement of our expert in the site operations.