MWD systems

LLC Drilling Technologies designed and produces the downhole navigation complex ZTS-SBT-178-01 with wireless electromagnetic communication channel. System can operate in wells sized from 123,8mm to 393,7 mm at circulation rate 25-50 L/sec. System is powered by generator.

Technical specifications of MWD system ZTS-SBT-178-01

Downhole transducers

Survey tool tramsducer
- Memory space is 32 Mb
- Operation in hight temperatures (120)
- In orientation module we apply tri-axial fluxgate magnetometers and Q-Flex acelerometers with embedded temperature detector for measurement of inclination, azimuth, temperature and tool face readings.

Vibration transducer (in MWD system)
- Used to meausre and record the direct and lateral impacts and vibrations, as well as for real time warning of vibration growth.

Certificate of Compliance (download file .pdf)